WLS is part of the Harlington Area School Trust (HAST). It was created on 1 September 2008 to facilitate collaboration and partnership across the schools within the Harlington Upper School Pyramid.


HAST is run by the schools for the schools with tight governance and is able to respond swiftly to changing needs and the new challenges they may bring.  There are regular meetings of Heads, Business Managers, SENCOs, ICT Leaders and safeguarding leads, each group working together to develop common approaches and enhance teaching, learning and pastoral care across all the schools.


The HAST Board consults with the schools to identify areas of concern, and where possible works with them to find solutions.  For example, a number of schools have experienced difficulties in recruiting teaching staff, so HAST has recently provided funding to enable schools to offer recruitment or retention incentives to teachers.


Mrs Boyle is the Lower School representative on the HAST Executive which shapes the strategic direction of HAST, and Steve Alcock (Chair of Governors) is the WLS representative on the HAST Board. Click on the HAST image to the right for further information.